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This single-task app does its work exceptionally well!

A Slick Little App

Although the creators of this app call it trivial, I think it's a pretty cool little program. This would be very good for small kids who find themselves afraid of lightning. You could show them how to use the controls and soon they'd forget about being scared. This could make them feel safer at night. The app was down for quite some time. I do like the improvements. It was basic in that primitive state, but now the improvements make it look more like a professional app. Thanks for bringing it back!

Nice, clean, functional App!

This does what it says. Can't beat the price. One reviewer, that gave a 1 star rating, suggested a slew of feature requests. The requests were cool but also required a lot more work and had potential problems related to the automated features. I like this App because it is simple and to the point.

Very good!

I really like it. I found out that 4 seconds is about 1 mile!


Free, does exactly as it says, and no ads. The help documentation wryly notes that you can use this as an odometer "if you happen to be traveling at precisely the speed of sound".

Not bad but dated

I liked Lightning Range better since it saves strike data and had one button.


Does it's job perfectly well. My kids will love this!

Get it

Surely an app like this will not stay free for long. I like the 2 button layout. I say keep it as is!! People always need something to complain about it seems... We r talking 2 buttons people!

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Excellent app. I agree that switching to one button instead of two would be be an improvement. Thanks for the work

Needs these features

This app would be really great if it used the light sensor that controls auto LCD back light dimming and the camera on an iPhone to detect the lightning. As well as use the microphone to listen and detect the thunder. This would be great for setting up a lightning auto detection logging ability that would log the time, location and estimated distance. It could also pull weather data off the net to determine the local temperature to increase accuracy. You could also use the compass of the 3GS to auto or manually input the heading of the lightning. Then you could actually plot the estimated location of the lightning on a map in the app.


Like again, one button please.


Like many said for such a simple calculation app, awesome job. Hope I don't get struck by lighting. Guess I'll have to use the app to get inside at less than 2 miles!


I would have paid for this app. Great job developers.


Y does this app only have 3 stars. It is so simple to use, and it works so well.


Simple, free, and easy to use.

Great really easy

Really fun app for you if you live in a place with lightning.


The "Thunder" and "Lightning" buttens should just be one butten that the first tap reprezents lightning and the second tap repersents thunder

A Favorite Arrives on iPhone

Good app. Something similar was a favorite on my old Palm. Glad to see it on iPhone! A few improvements: (1) Having separate "Thunder" and "Lightning" buttons makes them smaller. Better for a single button of over twice the size to toggle between "Lightning" and "Thunder" with each tap, for easier operation while looking at the sky instead of the app. (2) Allow typing the temperature. Much easier than dragging a slider. (3) Should display the average time and distance of all records in the current log. This would average out errors in time in tapping the buttons across multiple lightning strikes, for greater accuracy in knowing the distance.

Its a very cool app

I bought this app looking for a stopwatch and I stumbled across this app. I think it is a cool app. I always wondered the time to distance ratio and now I don't need to it's really cool

Fun for us weather geeks

Every time I know a thunder storm is approaching, I pull out my iPod and run this app. It beats trying to count out the seconds waiting for the thunder. The only thing I would change would be to have one large button vs. 2 small ones. 1st touch for the lightning and the 2nd touch for the thunder. The larger area would make it easier to watch the skies instead of making sure my finger is positioned over the correct button. Other than that, an excellent app.

You don't think it's practical?

Then you've never been riding across the midwest in storm season on a motorcycle, wondering whether you're going to make it to the next town before the violent thunderstorm that seems to be in all directions around you catches you outside of your Faraday cage, and when you're the highest metallic object in a quarter-mile circle. I personally think that the program is practical...


Piece of f@@@ing $hit

Used it at Disney time the firework distance. Worked great acording to their map.

Does what it says it's going to do without bugging me out

Not sure that I would need to track lightning but it would be interesting to see how far away the scrappers are from my house

Carriage driver

Thanks for a useful app! I use it to track lightning between radar updates to decide whether to seek cover or take another ride. Comes in handy in texas where storms develop quickly.


I love it!

Artillery tool!

We learn a similar technique in the millitary for determining the distance of an artillery round landing from our location ( when just going by sight and sound).

Cool! Good to play around with.

App works great. Using it in the touch and works perfect! It's one of those "why not?" apps.

Does what it says (I guess)

Haven't had a chance to use it yet (no thunderstorms or supersonic jet rides) but the speed of sound calculator seems to be correct. Love the description!

Cool App

I always counted the seconds between the L&T, now all I need is my iPhone. Great little app. Thanks.

Good app

Great app. No problems with it. Doesnt freeze up. I think the speaker should pick up the sound of the thunder tho. And it's free


Very great tool for meteorology geeks! The history display was a brilliant feature idea as it can provide evidence as to whether a storm is approaching or moving away. Accuracy based on atmospheric temperature is just one more added plus that makes this a very usable tool!

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